SRE Expertise When You Need It

On-demand short-term SRE / DevOps consulting services focused on solving urgent operational issues in mission-critical applications.

Who we are

We are an exclusive IT consultancy providing high-end SRE / DevOps / Systems Engineering expertise for time-sensitive situations, delivered in short-term, fast-moving and tightly focused engagements. We specialise in complex cloud, hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud infrastructures, ITOA, data-driven applications and SRE/DevOps practice implementations.

Our clients typically engage us when they:

  • have urgent operational issues that need immediate outside expertise
  • are launching a new service but are not sure if it is customer-ready
  • have unstable or non-scaling systems that are impacting end-users
  • are worried about process gaps that affect service delivery quality

Our engagement model is designed to be easy on your procurement process. A typical engagement length is between 3 days and 2 weeks. Depending on the job, we charge a fixed fee, by the day or as a monthly retainer. As a general reference, our daily rates start around € 1,200 - 1,500 (excluding VAT).

Why choose us

Over three decades of IT experience in designing, building and operating complex, hybrid platforms for global clients.

Peace of mind in knowing your IT systems are stable, scalable and ready to handle all your customer needs.

A design approach based in the practical realities of your unique business needs and technical landscape.

A trusted partner dedicated to delivering practical and long-running solutions as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What we do

Advisory Services

  • Hybrid cloud strategies
  • Cloud cost savings
  • Standardisation and simplification strategies
  • Keeping bad code out of production


  • Architectural audit & review
  • Service audit & review
  • SRE / DevOps process audit & design
  • Technology review & recommendations
  • Design & code audits to identify inefficiencies and risks


  • SRE process implementations
  • SRE tool implementations
  • Stabilisation of complex applications
  • Application productionalising
  • Infrastructure improvements

Before Development

We de-risk development efforts by ensuring that key SRE processes, technical aspects and operational concerns are properly addressed up front.

During Development

We evaluate ongoing development efforts, analyzing areas of CI/CD, load testing, monitoring, metric collection, DevSecOps, infrastructure topologies and DR.

Before Production

We assess services before production delivery, looking for operational, stability, scalability, reliability, HA and DR weaknesses before your customers find them.

During Production

We engage at short-notice to help solve operational problems in existing services and infrastructures or fill gaps in key operational processes.

Our Technical Expertise

We have years of extensive, hands-on experience with all aspects of development and systems engineering, including the following:

  • Cloud providers: Azure, AWS, OpenStack
  • Cloud models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • DevSecOps: KMS, Secrets, SAST
  • Microservices: OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, LXC
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL
  • NoSQL: Elasticsearch, Solr, Redis
  • Data processing: Kafka, Storm, Spark
  • CI/CD: Terraform, Cloud Formation, Jenkins, GitLab, Helm, GoCD, ArgoCD
  • ITOA: Splunk, DataDog, Catchpoint, Fluentd, Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, New Relic
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, HBase, MapReduce
  • Coding: Java, Python, Bash, Go, C, Assembly

Our favourite SRE areas are logging, monitoring, metrics analysis, CI/CD and automation. Some topics we are often asked to advise on include:

  • Intelligent logging & monitoring
  • Effective dashboarding and alerting
  • Using metrics holistically
  • Tracking flow in decoupled applications
  • One-click deployments
  • Avoiding automation black holes
  • Adding DevSecOps to your pipeline
  • Development of "glue" scripts for greater process automation
  • Effective application testing
  • Estimating usage successfully
  • Operational handbooks, checklists & playbooks
  • Disaster recovery strategies & implementation

See if we're right for you

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