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Building and deploying highly available platforms isn't about adopting new practices or buying new products. It is more about how you use the technologies and practices you already have to achieve the HA goals of your business.

With a holistic and pragmatic approach to application design, infrastructure architecture and operations, organizations of any size can achieve successful, fault-tolerant, scalable and HA applications ... and you can sleep through the night.

I've spent the past 30 years designing, developing and managing highly-available and massively scaling applications. I use this expertise to help my clients achieve successful delivery of business applications at any scale. Our work is typically a combination of advisory and architectural services, hands-on DevOps practices (automation, IaC, logging & monitoring, tool implementations) and emergency troubleshooting of production applications.

I work mostly with Azure and AWS-based applications, in single-, hybrid- or multi-cloud scenarios. I particularly specialize in search and data technologies, DevOps practices, and containerized applications.

My clients typically engage me when they:

  • have urgent operational issues that need immediate outside expertise
  • are launching a new service but are not sure if it is customer-ready
  • have unstable or non-scaling systems that are impacting end-users
  • are worried about process gaps that affect service delivery quality

Examples of work I've done for past clients:

  • Productionalising Kafka, Redis, Elasticsearch and Solr-based applications
  • Implementing multi-level Azure cloud redundancy for data-driven applications
  • Tracking down performance bottlenecks in Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis, Storm and Spark
  • Stabilisation of complex Java-based containerised applications
  • Single-pane-of glass dashboards for global infrastructure monitoring
  • Azure cloud architecture for HA production workloads
  • Data architecture design for Solr, Mongo and Elasticsearch
  • Greenfield implementation of a custom, hybrid-cloud, Kubernetes-based PaaS

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